A Little Bit About the B’s

My name is Bee. I am a music teacher, believe in the extraordinary in the ordinary, and a making things enthusiast. I have a husband named Bobatt, a baby named Bitty, and a cat named Birdie. Together, we make a happily little family that love to adventure.

Calgary Stampede 2011 – photo courtesy of Mike Siewert

I’ve been involved in music my whole life, starting piano lessons when I was just four.  From that humble beginning, I’ve played in school bands, achieved a grade 8 piano certificate from the Royal Conservatory of Music, studied music at university and become a band teacher. I also sang in choirs, performed musical theater, tumbled around the gymnastic equipment, swam a few lengths in swim club,  and danced in several ballets somewhere in there.

I have a Bachelor of Music Education with a minor in Visual Arts. This education leads me to teach Elementary Music, Band, and Music Technology, but I’ve also taught Art, Choir, Drama, English, Health, Science, Social Studies, Math, Phys Ed, and Religion. In the 10 years that I’ve been a teacher, I’ve taught every grade offered in my province with the exception of kindergarten. I’ve also dabbled in performance – I performed in a marching band and sang in a chorus for my local philharmonic orchestra.

Now – the reason for starting a blog. I really like to make stuff – all kinds of stuff. I want to share my adventures and experiences in making things. I plan to blog my way through anything and everything that strikes my fancy: baking and cooking, but also arts and crafts, gardening, music, and education. I want to experience anything and everything that interests me: find things that make me happy, do them, and document all of these adventures with my camera and blog.

Welcome to what I hope will be a great place for me to gather my memories of my making things adventures.


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