Chicago is one of our favorite cities to visit. We’ve been 3 times now, and it doesn’t get old or disappoint. The reason we keep coming back is The Midwest Clinic. It’s an annual conference for music educators, and I like to go as often as my professional development funding will allow. Bobatt usually tags along, visits his interests while I’m in clinics and concerts, … Continue reading Chicago


Prosciutto Wrapped Dates: Theme and Variations

Prosciutto Wrapped Dates. The perfect little bite. I was first introduced to the bacon wrapped date by my brother when he was on a Crossfit-inspired paleo diet. We took dates, wrapped each with a slice of bacon, cooked it then served it. They were yummy. I then had them next at Ox & Angela, a Spanish restaurant here in Calgary. Their version is stuffed with … Continue reading Prosciutto Wrapped Dates: Theme and Variations


The Waffle Experiment

Did you know that I’d never had waffles until I met Bobatt? It’s true. He made them for me once, because he felt that everyone needs to know what waffles taste like. While they were tasty, it was a messy endeavor. Messy, messy, messy. We didn’t have them again for years, because we didn’t want to relive the clean up. It seriously took almost 4 hours – from the dishes, to the picking batter out of the waffle iron parts – 4 hours.

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Christmas Baking and Candy

I love Christmas baking. Who doesn’t, really? Even if you’re under the impression that calories during Christmas count (which they don’t) and try to stay away, you still like Christmas baking. I typically do a ton of baking and dole the treats out to my friends and family for presents. Sugar cookies, gingerbread, banana bread, muffins, whipped shortbread – you name the Christmas baking, I’ve probably attempted it. Not fruit cake though. Eww, fruit cake.
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