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School’s Out Playlist

School’s out for the summer…in two more days. I came in to work today and found this little video waiting for me in my inbox. This video is really quite lovely. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I especially love the music choice. It really gives a sense of wonder and hope – two things that I think teachers spend a lot of their time trying to bring to their students lives.

Thank a Teacher

I’ve also created a playlist of a few songs that remind me of the end of the school year, summer, and all the things you have to look forward to for 2 blissful months away from the daily grind.

Final Countdown – Europe (who doesn’t love this song when you’re counting down days?)

School’s Out for the Summer – Alice Cooper (definitely a classic that is on every end-of-year list)

Time of Your Life – Green Day (sentimental over things being done for another year)

Summertime – Ella Fitzgerald (cool, relaxed…things summer should be!)

Wipe Out – Beach Boys (Beach Boys have always been a summer favorite of mine!)

Do you have songs that remind you of your last days of school?? Help me build my playlist!


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