Countdown to 100 Years of Stampede

This year marks a very special year for the Calgary Stampede. It’s turning 100 years old. All the stops are being pulled, and this year is shaping up to be the biggest, baddest party ever. And what would any party at Stampede be like without A Band of Outriders?

A Band of Outriders is a 40 member band, made up of Calgary Stampede Showband alumni and other musicians from the Calgary area. We are fun, loud, a little bit crazy…and certainly know how to have a good time. We play everything from marching band classics to jazz standards, pop and rock from yesterday and today, and a little bit of country.

If you’re planning on coming down to the Calgary Stampede, chances are you’ll see us somewhere on park. If you’re not planning on coming down…you should. I just got my schedule, and for the Friday/Saturday/Sundays of both Stampede weekends we’ve got 30 performances. On weeknights we’ll perform 5 performances. It’s a lot of playing, but we love it and we hope you’ll love what we’ve prepared.

Another exciting event happening during Stampede, for the band world at least, is the WAMSB (World Association of Marching Showbands) World Marching Band competition. This competition is considered to be the largest and most well-respected competition of its type in the world. There are 17 top-notch bands competing at this event. Preliminaries run from July 7 to 9, and start with, you guessed it, A Band of Outriders on Saturday, July 7 at 11:00 am at McMahon Stadium. Finals and the Awards Ceremony will take place Tuesday, July 10 at the Calgary Saddledome, and again, A Band of Outriders will perform at 6:00 pm.

Want more information about the WAMSB Competition? Check out the Visiting Bands Committee website. If you’d like a more information about A Band of Outriders, please visit our website and check out our Outriders 10 day Friends and Family Schedule.

Want to see what our band is all about? I’ve selected a few of our favorite performances and added them here for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!


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