Easy Corn on the Cob

Want the easiest way to cook corn on the cob? The microwave is hands down it. 5 minutes max, and you’ll be eating corn cobs to your hearts content. Promise.

Easy Corn on the Cob

Yield: 2 cobs

Prep Time: 1 minute| Cooking Time: 4 minutes


2 cobs of corn with husks intact

Butter, salt, pepper


  1. Place the cobs in the microwave (directly on the glass or on a plate, whatever your preference).
  2. Cook on high for 4 minutes.
  3. Remove cobs and remove the husks. Leaving the husks on allows the corn to steam cook, which speeds up the cooking time. It also helps make removing the husks less irritating.
  4. Serve immediately. Smother with butter, salt and pepper. Or whatever you like best.

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