Adventures for the Future

I like making lists and getting to cross things off that list. I’m also really into organization, so a list is always a good way to keep my goals in order. My bucket list is just that – a list of all the things I’d like to do. I thought about making this just a “Making Things List”, however I’m looking for a place to document all the things I’d like to do. So here is my bucket list – all the things I can think of wanting to do in my life. I’ll try to keep it in categories, because again, that’s nice and organized.


1. Travel to Europe

2. Take a train somewhere as a mode of transportation

3. See a part of Asia – Top choices include Thailand, Japan, Bali

4. Ride a camel in Egypt – I wanted to be an archaeologist for forever when I was a child, until I found out that career path wouldn’t necessarily mean that I got to work in pyramids in Egypt!

5. Visit New Orléans and hear some Jazz

6. Go to Mexico and lounge on a beach – and see as many touristy things that I can cram into a trip

7. Visit each coast of Canada again – I’ve lived in both and would like to see how they’ve grown and changed – Update: Visited Victoria and Comox in Spring 2012 

8. Travel to Scotland, Ireland and the UK – I’m Scottish and would like to see the family castle (my dad went when I was a kid, and I’d like to see what he got to see)

9. See a Disney park – doesn’t really matter where, as any one of the parks is in a neat place to travel to Update: We’ve been twice now!

10. Visit Machu Picchu

11. See Emerald Lake and the Natural Bridge Went to both of these on September 29, 2012

12. See a volcano

13. Visit Vulcan, AB and see the Star Ship Enterprise Went during the summer of 2012

14. Climb a mountain

15. Hike to one of the Tea Houses in the Rocky Mountains, say the one around Lake Louise Hiked to Lake Agnes with my sister on October 13, 2012

16. See the Columbia Icefields (Saw these on a whirlwind, unplanned adventure)

17. Stand at the top of the Eiffel Tower (I’ve now stood at the bottom of the one in Las Vegas!)

18. Meet Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse (Met Mickey Mouse, and saw Winnie from afar)

Baking and Cooking

19. Make Croissants – filled with delightful things like chocolate and vanilla cream Completed with Croissants for a New Year

20. Make English Muffins

21. Make an Ice Cream Cake

22. Make Kaiser Rolls

23. Make  Danishes

24. Make Pita and Hummus completed with Roasted Red Pepper Hummus and Whole Wheat Pita

25. Make a nutella like spread complete with Homemade Nutella

26. Successfully make Ricotta completed with Lactose-Free Ricotta

27. Use my Ricotta to make a safe, lactose-free lasagna for me to eat

28. Make Naan

29. Make Stuffed Pasta Shells completed with Lactose-Free Butternut Squash Stuffed Pasta

30. Make Cannoli

31. Make Donuts

32. Make Black Forest Cake

33. Make Italian Wedding Soup

34. Make Apple Sauce made applesauce in September 2012 with my Grandma Graham with apples picked from a co-workers tree

35. Make Cream Puffs made for Christmas 2011 

36. Make Monkey Bread made several times during 2012 – often brought to work unbaked and then baked during lunch hour for our Thursday afternoon meetings

37. Make Caprese Salad

38. Make Pretzels

39. Cook Lobster and eat with the Lactose-Free Butter I’ve made

40. Make a savory tart of some sort

41. Make Samosas made for my sister during February 2012 long weekend

42. Make Chicken Kiev

43. Make Whoopie Pie

44. Make Macarons Made November 2011. These are really hard. Will have to try again one day.

45. Make Fudge completed in my Christmas Baking 2015

46. Make Key Lime Pie

47. Make Cake Pops

48. Make Croquembouche

49. Make Sausage

50. Make Salt Water Taffy

51. Make a Baguette

52. Make Ziti

53. Make Truffles

54. Make Scones made Maple Oat Scones in August 2011 and Chocolate Chip Scones in September 2011

55. Make Crab Apple Jelly

56. Make something with chocolate and spicy something in it completed with Mexican Hot Chocolate Pie

57. Make Sushi

58. Make Baked Alaska

59. Make Caramel Napoleon

60. Make Marshmallows

Arts, Crafts and Other Similar Activities

61. Refinish a piece of furniture such as a coffee table

62. Finish painting my copy of “Starry Night”

63. Take a Painting class – acrylic, oil and/or water colour

64. Take a Glass Blowing course

65. Paint a mural

66. Direct a musical – I’m working on this! The Jungle Book Kids premiers under my direction in May 2012!! Completed with Mission:Direct a Musical

67. Knit a scarf (for realsies this time, and not give it to my Grandma to finish for me)

68. Crochet something

69. Quilt something

70. Build a conducting podium (so I’m taller than my students when conducting them in my band room!)

71. Learn to play Bassoon or Oboe

72. Learn how to do Latte Art

73. Learn how to do a Drum Roll for real

74. Make a double reed myself

75. Take a photography course

Books, Literature, Theatre and Film

76. Read”The Hobbit”

77. Read anything by the Bronte sisters

78. Finish reading the collection of Jane Austen novels my brother gave me for Christmas eons ago

79. Read the series of Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe by CW Lewis

80. Watch Wuthering Heights

81. See as many Broadway musicals as possible. Musicals seen to date: Wicked, Phantom of the Opera, Jersey Boys, Legally Blonde, Avenue Q, Lion King, Book of Mormon, Wizard of Oz, 50 Shades of Grey

82. Read something by Shakespeare because I want to, not because my high school English teacher made me


83. Get married

84. Have a baby

85. Buy a house

86. Complete a Master’s Degree – not sure in what yet. I’d really like to get to perform more on my trumpet, but I’m torn between doing a performance degree or completing a degree that relates more to my line of work in education. I’ve often thought of conducting too.

87. Get a dog

88. Host a turkey dinner for my family (not in my current home – there just isn’t enough room!) helped my sister make Thanksgiving Dinner 2012

89.Run a 10K – still working on completing 5k runs. I’ve done 3 so far this year, and 1 more is coming up. My goal is to do a 10k next May.

90. Run a marathon (or even a half marathon!)

91. Complete a triathlon

92. Complete my Royal Conservatory of Music training in Piano – I need to do my Grade 10 Exam, ARCT and probably countless theory and                 history exams

93. Perform another recital on my trumpet

94. Perform Buglers Holiday

95. See a Boston Pops performance live

96. See an open air orchestra performance

97. Perform in a marching band – if the opportunity ever comes my way again, I will absolutely, 100% say YES! (unless I’m physically unable to)

Gardening and Making Things Grow (Or Helping Things Grow, or Trying to NOT Kill Plants)

98. Grow Roses

99. Grow Potatoes

100. Grow Corn on the Cob

101. Grow Sunflowers

102. Grow a big wall of vines

103. Grow Raspberries Grew raspberries summer 2012…got 1 raspberry

104. Grow Strawberries

105. Grow Lilacs

106. Grow Honeysuckle

107. Grow an Apple Tree

108. Grow an indoor herb garden – Working on it! My thyme and oregano are nice and healthy – the cilantro and basil have, well, died already. Update: my herb garden died 😦 

109. Grow a lime tree.

110. Have a plot in a community garden – or even a vegetable garden in my own yard


One thought on “Adventures for the Future

  1. 1. You can make Turkey dinner at my house!
    2. I’ll walk to a tea house with you when its warmer.
    3. I’ll climb a mountain with you, might have to be sulphur mountain until I’m not pregnant 🙂
    4. You can use my garden to make vegetables.
    5. You can cross off make marsmellows… I can’t spell that word. You made them already :)!

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